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R/C helicopters are not toys. R/C helicopter utilizes various high-tech products and technologies to provide superior performance. Improper use of this product can result in serious injury or even death. Please read the manuals carefully before using and make sure to be conscious of your own personal safety as well as others and your environment when operating these products. Manufacturer and seller assume no liability for the operation or the use of this product. Intending for use only by adults who have remote control helicopters flying experience at a legal flying field. After the sale of this product we can't maintain any control over its operation or usage.
We recommend that you obtain the assistance of an experienced pilot before attempting to fly our products for the first time. A local expert is the best way to properly assemble, setup, and fly your model for the first time. They require a certain degree of skill to operate, and is a consumer item, any damage or dissatisfaction as a result of accidents or modifications are not covered by any warranty and can't be returned for repair or replacement.
Fly only in safe areas, away from other people. Don't operate R/C helicopter within the vicinity of homes or crowds of people, R/C helicopter are prone to accidents, failures, and crashes due to a variety of reasons including, lack of maintenance, pilot error and radio interference. Pilots are responsible for their actions and damage or injury occurring during the operation or as of a result of R/C helicopter models.

Aus Heli RC is proud to anounce that we are now an aurthorised dealer for CopterX, JS Model, Lynx, ALZRC and RJX. CopterX are an excellent heli for a low price. JS Model are the larger size range of heli's, and extremely high quality. The TZ-V2 90 is a nitro heli that can be converted to a gas heli for a very reasonable price. RJX are just awesome.
The best seller for the conversion kit is an Australian company.
We will be stocking the JS heli kits and all the spares and are in stock now.
The CopterX heli's and parts are in stock now

The Spirit FBL controller is an excellent product, with many features that are not on other controllers. It can also be used with conventional flybarred heli's. Very easy to setup and program. The rescue function can save your heli if you become disorientated. Just flick a switch and it will recover from any attitude, even inverted, to a skids down attitude

There will be new firmware released soon to allow the Spirit FBL controller to be used for fixed wing aircraft. This is a free firmware download. It will be available on the Spirit website. As with all Spirit updates and downloads, there is no charge. Unlike some other controllers where you have to pay